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Brilliant shine

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Spray Wax in Action

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Specifications: Spray Wax

Spray wax with natural carnauba wax for paint care alone or as a refresher for an existing wax layer. Seals and preserves paint, chrome and unpainted plastics and protects them from UV radiation. Gives new brilliant deep shine and gives a long-lasting beading effect! Easy and super fast to apply. Simply spray on, distribute and then polish out. The Alphaline Spray Wax can also be applied directly to the washed, still wet vehicle.

Recommended for All varnishes
Scent White Cotton
Contents 500 mL
Application instructions Clean vehicle clean. The wax can be applied directly to the washed, still wet vehicle. Spray Alphaline Spray Wax sparingly on partial surfaces (e.g. approx. 4 sprays for the hood). Then spread and polish out with a soft microfiber cloth and then work on the next partial surface. Tip: If the wax is applied to a wet vehicle, work with 2 microfiber cloths: one for spreading and one for polishing out to achieve an optimum result.